Dinner of Senses

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What is it?

The Dinner of the Senses is a cultural experience at the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia [RAMC] that wants to make known the history of medicine in Barcelona, as well as introduce the guests to the bases of sensory neuroscience through a gastronomic game where all the senses will participate.

The dinner consists of a menu that will show us how the brain constructs reality with the information that comes from the senses. And as this reality can be surprising, since the reality that enters the senses does not always coincide with what we believe to be living. A gastronomic game designed to fill us with sensory perceptions based on illusionist, mentalism, flavours, colours, smells and textures.

And no, you will not be in the dark!

NOTE: The activity will be done in Catalan or Spanish

Where is it?

Royal Academy of Medicina of Catalonia (RAMC)

Royal Academy of Medicina of Catalonia (RAMC)

C/ del Carme 47, 08001 Barcelona

Subway: Line 2 Sant Antoni (7min walking) o Line 3 Liceu (6min walking)

Menu of Senses

Intolerance and eating habits



Sensory pearls
The Stone of escalapio

Mise en place

Pincking up the crumbs

Bread, water, wine and coffee

White wine, Poesia  DO Catalunya
Red wine, Cuatro Gotas, DO Rioja
Cava brut nature J. Raventos


En caso de tener alguna intolerancia o alergia a algún alimento comunicarlo vía e-mail a:

o a los siguientes teléfonos:
(+34) 93 327 01 21
(Lu-Vi de 9:00h a 21:00h)
(+34) 697 864 262
(Sa-Do de 10:00h a 14:00h)